Friday, January 27, 2012

Africa Plate Auction to send Dominique to Kenya

Okay folks, here is what the finished plate looks like.

Currently, the bidding is at $75.

This is the only place where "official" bids are being accepted. That is so we can keep track of what everyone has bid.

The final winning bids purchase price will be tax-deductible as the check will be made out directly to her church. That is a great bonus. With that being said, the plate is yours if you wish to donate $500.00 towards her trip. Please remember, being a part of a sending team is AS IMPORTANT as the person going to serve.

Here is a bit more information regarding Dominique Petermann and where she is going to be serving on this short-term missions trip.

She will be serving at The Belwop Rescue Center in Nyeri, Kenya East Africa. She will be a member of a team from her church and they will be constructing a new building for the rescue center.

You can find out more about the center by clicking HERE

Dominique is very motivated to succeed at raising funds for her trip. She is picking up baby-sitting jobs and any other paying jobs to help her raise the needed funds.

Thank you so much for your bid and your desire to see Dominique succeed in answering the call, "Whom shall I send?"


Kimberly said...

Marti Edwards: $75

Renee' said...

Eric Petermann $100